Testimonial from Soitec

I am writing this in appreciation of the 2 guys that you have sent to support the Soitec warehouse. With both Sheng Teck and Johnson on board and guidance from Hua Lee, the warehouse has been transformed from a dormant state to a orderly, clean environment which even had a customer audit done with no major non-conformances issued.

I need to commend on their hardworking attitude and working mindset – taking seriously everything that has been instructed to them. I could also see that they have a very good quality mindset, not taking any shortcuts when checking incoming/outgoing wafers which on a few occasions has picked out non-conforming incoming materials.

It has been a good year and I strongly believe that Tee Hai is more than capable to support Soitec in our capacity ramp.

I look forward to many good years of working relationship together.

Choon Yap KOH
Senior Manager